Per Velde AS has significant roots within maritime industry. For 65 years we have been a supplier of electrical equipment and spareparts to harbours all over the world. Today all our shipsupply activities are connected to Velde Supply AS.

Velde Supply has since 1946 delivered electrical equipment and spare Parts to shipping and offshore industry. Our main goal is to make purchasing of electrical spare parts easier and more efficient. We contribute to this By our broad product range containing more than 600.000 products from more Than 3.000 suppliers. Our comprehensive experience, considerable product rangeand broad supplier network makes us a well-known specialist on hard to find products.

We supply all kind of electrical equipment for Deck, Bridge, Engine, store, Galley, Laundry and Lounge/Cabin onboard a ship.

We are connected to both ShipServ, SIS-Commerce and Achilles.

Please contact Per Sigurd Velde for more information regarding Velde Supply AS.

Trykk her for aktuell informsjon fra Per Velde
Trykk her for aktuell informsjon fra Per Velde